Compose an exfoliating salt scrub from our Scrub Cart, using your favourite ingredients such as dried rose petals, chamomile and lavender.

All our scrubs are based on coarse-grained salt, which provides excellent exfoliation of the skin. The use of salt in beauty rituals can be traced back inter alia to ancient Egypt, where women mixed salt with essential oils to keep their skin young and supple. Salt has a disinfectant effect, making it the ideal choice to use to smooth and even out the skin.

As well as composing your own salt scrub, you can also purchase various moisturising tonics for the hair and face masks from the Scrub Cart. All items are priced at NOK 39.


  1. Start with damp skin. Take a hot shower or spend a few relaxing minutes in a steam room, for example the Japanese steam room or the crystal steam room. This will soften your skin, making it easier to scrub away the dead cells.
  2. Scrub the skin using even circular motions. You can apply gentle pressure but be careful not to scrub too hard. As the skin is already damp, the dead cells will come away more easily. You can use the scrub in a steam room or one of the showers at the spa.
  3. Rinse off the scrub under a hot shower. Follow the shower with a long hot bath. We recommend Onsen or the hot plunge pool, where the water is pleasantly hot, coupled with quiet and calm surroundings.
  4. Apply a moisturising cream or lotion. This will keep your skin silky soft and smooth.


  1. Your skin will be smoother. Regular use of scrubs removes dead cells and nubs, giving you smoother skin and a more even skin tone. It also makes it easier for the skin to absorb products such as moisturisers and oils.
  2. You will tan more quickly and retain your summer glow for longer. The scrub cleanses the skin so that you can more easily benefit from the sun and more quickly develop a deep tan. In combination with a high SPF, moisturising sun cream, this lets you keep your summer glow for longer.
  3. It improves your circulation. Apply the scrub using large, circular movements to stimulate and boost the circulation.
  4. It tackles skin blemishes and ingrown hairs. A good scrub opens the pores in the skin and stops the build-up of impurities, which can cause blemishes. It also allows the hairs to reach the surface of the skin so that they grow normally rather than inwards.
  5. Self-care. Setting aside time for a body scrub, for example once a week, automatically gives you some “me time” and a quiet period of time to focus on yourself. A regular scrub ritual of this kind can help you achieve calm and equilibrium in an otherwise hectic life.
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