Welcome to an evening filled with extraordinary taste experiences. Together with the winery Perelada, Head Chef Ricard Bocarro, Head Sommelier Aleksandra Gruba-Trzeciak, and the Mori restaurant invite you to a meal consisting of the best in Asian fusion cuisine.

This evening offers a rare opportunity to enjoy a night at Mori with an exceptionally skilled chef and an exquisite four-course menu with wine pairing, specially crafted for the occasion.

Price: NOK 1,595 per person

Thursday, February 29 | 7:00 PM | 4 courses | 6 wines


*Please note that we have a limited number of available seats.

*We are happy to accommodate special considerations related to allergies. However, please be aware that this may affect the intended harmony between food and wine.

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Perelada is a renowned wine producer based in the picturesque region of Empordà in Catalonia, Spain. With roots dating back to the Middle Ages, Perelada has a rich heritage and tradition in winemaking. Their vineyards are surrounded by a diverse landscape, including Mediterranean forests, mountains, and rivers, giving a unique character to their wines.

Perelada is known for cultivating a variety of grape varieties, including local ones such as Garnacha and Carignan, as well as international grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. This blend of local and international grape varieties adds complexity and depth to their wines.

The winemaking at Perelada focuses on quality and sustainability, incorporating modern techniques while valuing traditional methods passed down through generations. The result is wines that reflect the unique terroir of the region while being modern and innovative.

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Restaurant Mori


Welcome to culinary experiences that stimulate more than just the taste buds.

Restaurant Mori towers above the treetops - at the top of the hotel. The name is Japanese and means Forest - reflecting the unique view you get from the hotel's eighth floor.

Together with his team, Head Chef Richard Bocarro creates a variety of exciting dishes based on Asian flavors, wild and local ingredients.