Every day, we have a number of exciting rituals in the saunas and steam rooms at The Well. These are inspired by spa traditions from every corner of the world, so that you can experience a whole world of wellness at The Well.

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Aufguss is a German word meaning infusion. In an aufguss ritual, the sauna master places balls of ice containing essential oils on top of the sauna heater and pours water over the ice. The ice evaporates in the sauna, increasing the humidity in the air and the temperature.

The sauna master then circulates this warm, moist steam around the sauna using special twirling movements with a towel, often to music.

The aufguss rituals at The Well normally comprise three sessions during which the sauna master places the balls of ice and pours water over the sauna heater. As a rule, an aufguss ritual lasts around 15 minutes.


Rhassoul is Moroccan ritual, and starts with a full body scrub using a coarse-grained salt scrub to exfoliate your skin. You then cover your entire body, face and hair with a clay mask. The clay is left to work on your skin for around 10 minutes while you are in the steam room, and is then rinsed off. The ritual concludes with a moisturising spray of orange blossom water. This spray is refreshing and can be used on both body and face.

The clay used for the Rhassoul ritual contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium and iron, and it nourishes and moisturises the skin.

The Rhassoul ritual is a group ritual where you scrub your own skin and apply the clay mask yourself. You carry out the ritual without a swimsuit.

12 places / approx. 30 minutes/ NOK 195 per person

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Persian rose ritual

The ritual starts with an exfoliating salt scrub that contains rose petals. After the scrub, you apply a moisturising body mask made from aloe vera, rose water and rose powder to your entire body. The mask is left to work on your skin for around 10 minutes while you are in the steam room. You then shower off the body mask and end the ritual by spraying your skin with refreshing rose water.

The rose petal ritual is held in the Rhassoul steam room and is for groups. You apply the scrub and mask yourself. You carry out the ritual without a swimsuit.

12 places / approx. 30 minutes/ NOK 195 per person

Body Care Ritual

Our Body Care Ritual takes place in the Art Deco Tempidarium. The ritual starts with a hair mask and body mask that you apply yourself. The ritual master explains how to apply the masks. While the masks are working on your skin and hair, you can relax with a cool cloth over your face while the ritual master rinses your feet with cold water. The ritual ends with an ice-cold and refreshing juice shot.

10 places / 15-20 minutes / NOK 45 per person



The foam ritual starts with a dry scrub using a kese, an authentic scrub mitten used in countries such as Turkey. You scrub your entire body to boost your blood circulation and remove dead skin cells. The ritual master then creates a silky-smooth soapy foam to cover your entire body.

The foam ritual takes place in the large Hammam room, which is a light steam room with heated marble benches.

12 places / approx. 20 minutes / NOK 95 per person


The Hammam scrub ritual starts by scrubbing your entire body with a coarse-grained salt scrub containing essential oils of mint and eucalyptus. The essential eucalyptus oil provides a cooling, refreshing feeling. Once you have scrubbed your entire body, the ritual master creates vast clouds of soapy foam to cover your back and chest, while you continue to scrub. The ritual ends with the ritual master rinsing off the foam and salt scrub with cool water.

12 places / approx. 20 minutes / NOK 95 per person

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The Black Soap Ritual starts when the ritual master rinses the participants with warm water and then hands out a black, liquid Hammam soap. You massage the soap over your entire body and will be given a honeycomb sponge to create a thick soapy foam. After you have covered your entire body with the thick foam, the ritual master rinses it off with warm water.

12 places / approx. 20 minutes / NOK 95 per person


Take part in a delightful, exfoliating scrub ritual in a steam room. The ritual master hands out coarse-grained salt that you use to scrub your body. Start by scrubbing your feet and legs in circular movements. Continue moving upwards and applying the scrub, ending with the chest and arms. The steam and high temperature allow the pores in your skin to open, providing optimal exfoliation.

Limited number of places / 10 minutes / included in the admission ticket 

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The Banja sauna ritual originates from Russia and is what many associate with an authentic sauna. Banja is similar to an aufguss (infusion) ritual, where the Banja master uses balls of ice and water containing essential birch oils. This creates a fresh scent in the sauna, reminiscent of a walk in the forest immediately after it has rained.

The Banja master uses real birch twigs to circulate the steam around the sauna, in addition to twirling movements with both a towel and fan. The Banja master also uses birch twigs for a short and gentle hands-on treatment for your back. This treatment boosts blood circulation and is a refreshing experience.

15 places / approx. 30 minutes/ NOK 95 per person


A Soundbath is a relaxing ritual, providing a feeling of weightlessness as you float in body temperature water. Tibetan singing bowls are used to produce meditative tones and a feeling that you are floating on calming sound waves. The Tibetan bowl sounds calm your body and mind, releasing all inner tension.

The Soundbath is included in your admission ticket. Swimwear is obligatory during this ritual.


Watsu is a treatment based on movement as you float in warm water. Your Watsu therapist moves you gently through the water, following the natural movements of your body to provide relaxation. You will feel total relaxation as your body is gently stretched and extended, and the therapist also provides a pleasant pressure-point massage. Your head remains above water throughout the treatment.

25 minutes NOK 695 / 50 minutes NOK 895


We have developed our very own spa kit, containing products from Scent of the Well Signature. The spa kit contains a cleansing gel for the face, a body scrub, a face peel, face mask and hair mask. The products are sold as a kit in a toilet bag. The kit also contains a wellness guide describing how and in what order to use the products.

The spa kit costs NOK 199 and is on sale in reception and at the Wellness Bar.

Påmelding til ritualer til en ekstra kostnad gjøres via mail til booking@thewell.no, per telefon tlf.: +47 480 44 888 i resepsjonen eller Wellness Bar.