All guests must shower and wash themselves thoroughly in the changing room shower before entering the spa.
Shower naked and use plenty of soap and shampoo.

For hygiene and health reasons, swimwear is not permitted in our saunas and steam rooms.
You can cover yourself with a towel or peshtemal*. Swimwear is optional in our pools*.

Except for Tuesdays, when swimwear is mandatory.

If you wish to use swimwear in our pools, for hygienic reasons and to prevent water build-up around the spa, you must purchase The Well’s own swimwear *. For special needs (e.g. stoma) you may use your own swimwear.

We ask you to please use a bathrobe and slippers as you move around the spa.
Within the various bathing areas, you can use a towel or peshtemal.

You must wear a bathrobe and slippers in the lounges, bars and in the restaurant.
For hygienic reasons, towels are not permitted in the lounges, bars or in the restaurant.

In saunas with wooden benches, everyone must sit or lie on the provided sauna towel so that your skin and feet are not in contact with the wood. This is to prevent body sweat from getting on the wood.

In steam baths with tiled benches and chairs please rinse the spot where you were sitting well with the hose.
You might also like to rinse your spot before sitting down.

To avoid body sweat in the pools, everyone must shower off the sweat after using the sauna or steam room.

Silence in the saunas and steam rooms is very highly appreciated.

House rules

Guests must be 18 years or older to visit The Well.

To protect the privacy of our guests, taking photos and videos is strictly prohibited throughout the entire spa.

Diving or jumping into the pools is not permitted.

Outside food and drink is not permitted.

Personal belongings must be kept in lockers. Private purses and bags are not allowed inside the spa.
The Well is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged property.

Verbal and non-verbal disruptive behaviour and intimate physical contact is not permitted.
Guests who do not respect this rule will be immediately expelled from The Well without compensation.


* Available for purchase in the reception area, our shop or in the Wellness bar on the ground floor.

We wish everyone a pleasant stay!