Pools & showers

At The Well, you can enjoy 10 different pools and plunge pools along with a large selection of showers.

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Outdoor pool

The outdoor pool is perfect for a swim on a hot summer's day or for cooling down after a hot sauna session in the winter.

The water temperature varies according to season.


Relax in one of our jacuzzies, enjoying the sensation of a bubble massage. We have two jacuzzies on the ground floor and two jacuzzies outdoors on the second floor.

The water temperature is a comfortable 36 degrees.

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Wellness Pool

The Wellness pool

With jet streams, massage beds, massage floors, neck jets and counter current. 

The water temperature is a comfortable 32 degrees.
The pool dimensions are 30 x 11 metres.

Cold plunge pool

A dip in a cold plunge pool after a sweaty sauna session is a great way to boost your blood circulation and awaken your senses.

The water temperature is around 16 degrees.


Hot spring bath

We have created a secret stone cave with a wonderful hot spring, filled with thousands of litres of pure spring water. This is the perfect hideaway where you can find the peace and quiet needed for full relaxation and meditation.

The water temperature is at comfortable 36 degrees.


Onsen is the Japanese name for a hot spring. At The Well, we have created a hot mineral bath in our Japanese bath house. Immerse yourself into the steamy, warm waters and lean back to enjoy the wonderful views of the treetops.

The water temperature in Onsen is around 38 degrees.

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Art Deco Caldarium

Art deco caldarium

You will find our Art Deco Caldarium in the Art Deco suite. This is a warm mineral bath with steam and the delightful aroma of jasmine. 

The water temperature is around 36 degrees.

The waterfall cave

Huge volumes of warm water thunder like waterfalls from various positions in the cave ceiling. You can experience different types of water jets and pressure, just as if you were under a natural waterfall outdoors.

The water in the waterfall cave is recycled and is around 28 degrees.

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Tropical shower room

The shower heads are fitted in the ceiling and you pull on a rope to activate them. The water varies from hot to cold, along with refreshing mists. There is also a bucket hanging from the ceiling that you can fill with cold water for an ice-cold downpour. There are separate tropical showers for men and women.

Mountain showers

The mountain showers are seven different showers with varying temperatures and pressure. Standing under one of the showers, you truly feel as if you are out in the wilds among magnificent mountains.

There are separate mountain showers for men and women.


Nordic showers

The Nordic showers provide a sensory experience of cold and warm water and a refreshing cold mist.

The showers are unisex.

Japanese showers

The Japanese bath house has spectacular, unisex showers in the traditional Japanese style, with low wooden stools and wooden buckets that you fill with water and pour over your body.

There are also horizontal jets of water with variable pressure for a light massage.

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Art Deco Dusj

Art Deco shower room

Our Art Deco showers are in the Art Deco suite. There are six showers beautifully decorated in golden mosaics. You can adjust the water to a hot, tropical rainfall or a refreshing cold mist.

The showers are unisex.

Outdoor showers

Enjoy a wonderful shower with steamy warm water outdoors with views of the pine forest surrounding The Well. What could be more perfect than a shower outdoors after a hot sauna session in the Forest Sauna.