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Welcome to a destination for wellness, spa and healthy choices.


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The hotel rooms


Our hotel rooms are designed to form a comfortable back drop for your visit with us. You will find elements from nature where ever you rest your gaze, and big windows lets in big amounts of natural light. 


Included in all hotel packages:

  • Breakfastbuffet
  • Access to The Well spa from 12:00 on arrival day and throughout the stay
  • Exclusive access to Nomade & Biblioteket Lounge 
  • Access to gym and meditation room 

Check-in hotel room at 15.00 | Check-out hotel room at 11.00 

The Well Gym

The Well hotel


The Well has developed from a groundbreaking spa destination, to an extraordinary spa resort with all facilities. 

Our hotel is a destination at the destination, that allows our guests to to extend the wellbeing and enjoyment for as long as they want.