Behind the golden door on the first floor of The Well, you will find our Hammam – a delightful Turkish bath with a high temperature, steam, scrubs and massage.



The Hammam originates from the Middle East and the Ottoman Empire. The Hammam was a public bath and an important part of daily life. People of all cultures and religions gathered to bathe at the Hammam as a community event.

The design of the Hammam is reminiscent of the Roman baths. Traditionally, a Hammam comprises: a caldarium or hot steam room; a tepidarium or room with heat from both the floor and walls; and a soğukluk, a cooler room where you can relax and allow your body temperature to return to normal.


The Hammam bathing ritual starts with a dry body scrub using a kese, a traditional scrubbing mitten. Scrubbing your skin is great for exfoliation and removing dead skin cells. 


You then move on to the steam room where you apply a nourishing face mask. You spend 10-15 minutes in the steam room, before rinsing off and lying down on a heated marble bench.


The Hammam master then creates vast volumes of soapy foam made from olive soap. Soon, your entire body is covered in the thick soap foam. The ritual continues with soaping your body, a scalp treatment and a light body and scalp massage.

Hamam lounge


End your Hamam experience with sweet Turkish tea in our oriental Hamam lounge. This is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the the relaxing surroundings in the lounge.