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Check out from the world and check in to The Well. At The Well, you can enjoy unique spa experiences from all over the world, and you are only 15 minutes’ drive from Oslo.


Are you planning to visit The Well for the first time? We’ve made a list of information we think you will find helpful.

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Monday to Sunday: 10.00 – 21.00

Only a 15 minute drive from Oslo.


We have a good range of tickets and spa packages so you can choose exactly how you want to spend your time at The Well. You can choose between spa packages made of a range of wonderful treatments, with or without meals and rituals, or quite simply, a ticket for admission to the spa area.

Par i Onsen


Do you have to be naked to use the spa at The Well? No, it’s not obligatory. Read more about our continental spa culture and why we recommend being naked in the pools and sauna, and about swimwear Tuesday and our hygiene requirements.


Saunas are a strong tradition in many different countries, and each country has its own special sauna rituals. We have a number of rituals every day in our saunas, so that you can experience a whole world of well-being at The Well.

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Faq Hotel

-Check-in at 15.00
-Check-out at 11.00 

-Hotel guests have access to the spa from 12:00 on arrival day og throughout the stay.

-There is no need to book time in the spa area.  


Every visitor have to read and accept our guest agreement. If you accept before your arrival your check-in will go faster.


You can travel to The Well in your own car, by public transport or with a private chauffeur.

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Combine a day of pampering in the spa with a delicious meal. The Well's menus changes with the seasons, using fresh produce and with dishes to suit all preferences.

adapted facilities

The Well is handicap accessible both in the spa and in public areas. There is a lift in the Wellness Pool, and you can move between the floors by elevator. We also have wheelchairs that can withstand water and heat.

Please contact us at post@thewell.no for more information or to plan your visit so that we can give you a seamless experience at The Well. 

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Japansk Meditasjonssauna


Innimellom utføres det bygningsarbeid, vedlikehold eller lignende på noen av attraksjonene våre. Her får du en oversikt over driftsmeldingene for The Well slik at du er godt forberedt til ditt besøk hos oss.