Skrubb i dampbad


Every day is a unique experience for both body, mind and senses at The Well. That is why we hold several exciting events throughout the season, in addition to our regular program with a large selection of sauna rituals.

Opens 28th of August

The Sculpture Forest


In the Sculpture Forest you can stroll barefoot on soft
and beautifully landscaped paths, and explore the exciting ones
the sculptures that are deployed among the trees. Under
this exciting journey of discovery
in the world of art, you will find works by well-known Norwegians
and international artists, who will both please
and engage. You are welcome to see the first works
already now.

Per Ung, Anthony Gormley, Elena Engelsen, Enzo
Plazzotta, Kirsten Kokkin, Nico Widerberg and Bruce
Denny is just some of the artists behind them
thirty sculptures in the forest.

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Sauna Club Wednesday

Hver onsdag kan du oppleve enda flere aktiviteter spesielt for deg som er en ekte spaentusiast og liker det ekstra varmt, og nyter velværen av spennende ritualer, den kontinentale spakulturen og samværet med andre. Men alle – nye som erfarne gjester– er hjertelig velkomne til The Well Sauna Club!