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Terms and Conditions of Sale for

This purchase is governed by the following terms and conditions of sale for consumer purchases of goods over the internet. Consumer purchases over the internet are mainly regulated by the Contract Act, the Consumer Purchases Act, the Marketing Act, the Right of Withdrawal Act, the Package Travel Act, and the E-commerce Act. These laws provide the consumer with non-waivable rights. The laws are available at The terms and conditions in the agreement below should not be understood as a limitation of the statutory rights but outline the main rights and obligations for both parties in the transaction.

The terms and conditions of sale have been prepared and recommended by Forbrukertilsynet (the Norwegian Consumer Authority).


  1. General

The terms and conditions of sale apply to all sales conducted through our website -

Seller: The Well AS - Org. No.: 814 152 162

Buyer: The person specified as the buyer in the order, referred to as the guest, or you, yourself, your, and yours.

The terms and conditions of sale, together with your order and order confirmation, constitute the basis of the agreement for your purchase.

All prices include VAT where applicable.


  1. Conclusion of Agreement

Once an order is completed on, it is binding. is bound by the price provided to you upon completion of the order and confirmed in your order confirmation. The hotel reserves the right to adjust prices due to changes in costs related to increased taxes and fees or other factors beyond the hotel's control.

However, the agreement is not binding in the event of typographical or input errors in the online store's ordering solution or the buyer's order, and the other party realized or should have realized such an error.


  1. Payment

The total amount for the order is due for immediate payment before an order is confirmed. Payment can be made by credit card or through Vipps. The full purchase amount will be charged to the card immediately upon ordering. There are different refund rules depending on the purchased product or service. See details in point 6.

The agreed price is payable upon checkout. A bank guarantee for the total estimated cost must be received according to the conditions stated in the order confirmation. Late payment will incur interest in accordance with the Late Payment Interest Act. The hotel reserves the right to request a deposit. There are different refund rules depending on the purchased product or service. See details in point 6.


  1. Card Payment

In principle, we are not committed to storing credit card numbers beyond what is necessary to ensure efficient handling of any payment issues, cancellation of reservations, and crediting. Payments on are processed through our payment service provider, Adyen.


  1. Delivery

Product delivery will take place at the location and time specified in the order confirmation.

Booked hotel rooms are guaranteed to be ready for check-in after 15:00 on the arrival day and can be occupied until 11:00 on the departure day.

By agreement with the hotel, the rooms can be occupied beyond this time. Contact the reception upon arrival to book a late checkout.

If payment has been guaranteed by a company or with a credit card, the hotel is obligated to offer the guest the reserved room for the specified number of nights. The reservation will be charged in full if the room is canceled or in case of no-show.


  1. Cancellation Policy

These cancellation policies are general. Certain products may have specific cancellation policies, which will be stated directly on the product or service. In such cases, those specific policies will take precedence over the general terms. All changes and cancellations must be communicated in writing to be valid.

  • Spa entrance/spa packages: Refunds are not possible.

  • Spa treatment: Cancellations are possible up to 24 hours before the scheduled treatment. After this time, cancellation is not possible. This also applies to treatments included in specific packages for both the spa and hotel. Valid cancellations will be refunded 100%.

  • Booking of hotel packages: Cancellations are possible up to 7 days before arrival. After this time, cancellation is not possible. The exception is accommodation with breakfast and spa entrance, which can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival. After 15:00, The Well has the right to cancel reservations that have not been checked in if they are not guaranteed by a credit card or other form of payment guarantee, without being obliged to inform the guest. No show is considered an invalid cancellation. Reservations that have not been canceled within the deadline will be charged.

All cancellations or changes should be made by contacting The Well via email at


  1. Liability for Damage

The purchaser is financially liable for damage to the premises caused by negligence or reckless behavior by the guests.

  1. Disputes

All disputes that may arise between the parties to this agreement or on any other basis or between guests and the hotel shall be settled according to Norwegian law. If the dispute is not resolved amicably, the hotel's local jurisdiction shall apply.


  1. Force Majeure

Events beyond the control of the contracting parties, such as strikes, lockouts, fires, etc., which make it impossible to fulfill the obligations of this agreement, entitle the parties to terminate the agreement without liability for damages.


  1. Age Limit

Please note that The Well is an adult-only hotel, and there is an age limit of 18 years for all hotel facilities. This applies to children and infants as well.


  1. Privacy Policy

The applicable privacy policy is always available on our website -

  1. Terms and Conditions

The applicable customer terms and conditions are always available on our website -

  1. Guest Agreement

We kindly ask all our guests to familiarize themselves with our guest agreement before arrival. To complete a booking on, our guest agreement must be accepted. The current guest agreement is always available on our website -

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