Nordic climate & outdoor spa

The combination of heat and cold has a number of health benefits, and the Nordic cool climate intensifies the experience of the heat inside the spa at The Well.

We therefore recommend that you go out into the fresh air during your visit with us - maybe it is also tempting to take a bath in the outdoor pool or to sink into hot bubbles in a jacuzzi?

Welcome to the outdoor spa at The Well!

Ute Sol
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Our outdoor pool keeps a comfortable 28 degrees, and is just as wonderful in the sunshine, as on a cold and rainy day. Here we also have sunbeds, parasols and plenty of space where you can enjoy the warm spring weather.

The poolside outdoor terrace is open every weekend and serves a variety of refreshing beverages. Come to The Well and get a taste of summer!

Continental bathing traditions


For the outdoor area, the continental bathing traditions with natural nudity also apply. This means that you can swim naked in all our pools, but you can of course also use swimwear if you wish.

In the saunas, swimwear is not allowed - with the exception of Tuesdays, which are swimwear days, you can read more about this here.

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ENJOY Summer at the well

Natural nudity means being naked there and when it is natural, and many find well-being in this very way. Others find comfort in wearing a swimsuit. Both are perfectly fine, and the most important thing is that you should feel comfortable and welcome no matter what you choose.

Our large outdoor area consists of naturally separated areas. In the Jacuzzi Garden, it is optional whether you want to be naked or wear swimwear. In the Poolside Garden, which is located at the very heart of the forest, everyone must enjoy the sun and nature without swimwear. 




The Well is all about wellbeing, and this comes in many
different forms. Art brings a sense of serenity to the soul,
and this is why we have created a unique art experience, just
for our guests.

You can meander barefoot on soft and beautifully laid
paths through our sculpture forest, discovering the
fascinating works of art installed among the trees.
On your exploration of this world of art, you will be
able to enjoy works by well-known Norwegian and
international artists that are sure to delight and

Per Ung, Anthony Gormley, Elena Engelsen, Enzo
Plazzotta, Kirsten Kokkin, Nico Widerberg and Bruce
Denny are but a few of the artists behind the thirty odd
sculptures in the woods.
Find your personal favourite, take a seat on a bench
nearby and take your time to really discover it, or let
your hands wander over it. Listen to the birdsong,
feel the gentle breeze caress your skin and be
present in the moment among this unique collection art. This is
wellness. This is The Well.