Japanse bath house

Experience the traditional bathing culture of Japan at The Well. In Japan, bathing rituals are seen as a ceremony to purify both the body and soul, and these rituals are an important part of daily life.

At The Well, you can experience these Japanese rituals in the Japanese bath house. 

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Onsen is the Japanese word for an outdoors hot mineral spring. The Well's Onsen in the Japanese bath house is situated in between two beautiful gardens. As you enjoy the warm, shallow mineral waters, you can delight in the wonderful views of the forest treetops surrounding The Well. 

The water temperature is around 38 degrees.

Japanese showers

The Japanese showers have traditional, low wooden stools and wooden buckets. You sit down on one of the stools, find the right water temperature using the hand shower and fill your bucket with water, time after time after time.

This part of the showering ritual takes time, intentionally. The ritual of filling the buckets with water gives you a feeling of inner peace, making this a full sensory experience.

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Japanese sauna

The Japanese sauna is spacious and light, with a high, dry heat. The sauna benches have views of a Japanese garden, designed according to traditional principles. With the sauna benches placed at three different levels, you can find the perfect exposure to heat. 

We hold an aufguss (infusion) ritual several times a day in the Japanese sauna. The mood and lighting in the sauna changes according to the time of day, so that you can have completely different experiences in the largest sauna at The Well.

Recommended time: 10-20 minutes.
Temperature: around 90 degrees
Air humidity: 6-15%

Japanese steam room

The Japanese steam room is filled with a red light that relaxes your body and mind. The wide benches in the steam room allow you to lie down and find full relaxation. The steam opens up your pores, leaving your skin smooth and supple. The steam also has a positive effect on your airways.

Recommended time: 10-15 minutes
Temperature: 40-47 degrees
Air humidity: 80-100%


Japanese meditation sauna

A spacious and airy sauna with folding day beds where you can find full relaxation. Daylight streams through the large windows, providing wonderful views of the Japanese garden. Feel free to enjoy your own meditation practice in the Japanese meditation sauna, or take part in a tea ceremony.

Recommended time: 10-20 minutes
Temperature: approx. 45 degrees
Air humidity: 20-30% 

Japanese Lounge

Take a break during your spa day in the Japanese lounge. Sink into the wonderfully soft sofa cushions and feel free to have a nap or meditate. The Japanese lounge always has a fire burning in the fireplace and a relaxing, comfortable atmosphere.

Japansk lounge