Your first visit

We have made a list of practical information to help you plan your first visit to The Well. Read about how to check in, use of the changing rooms, our rules for hygiene and well-being at The Well.

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You check in at the spa reception and provide your contact information. Please note that valid ID must be provided at check-in. The age limit at The Well is 18 years old - 16 years old if you are coming with your parents. 

If you prefer to wear swimwear, you can buy The Well's swimwear at the reception. Guests are not allowed to wear their own swimwear due to water spill and hygiene.

When you check in, you will receive an electronic wristband that you use as a key for your locker and as payment during your visit. You deliver back the wristband when you check out.

Once you have checked in, you can make your way to the changing rooms, taking with you a bathrobe, towels for the showers and sauna, and a pair of slippers.

Changing rooms

There are separate changing rooms for men and women.

The lockers are electronic, and you use your electronic wristband as a key.

Once you have changed and locked your locker, you make your way to the showers. Please remove any swimwear when showering. You don't need to bring any products with you, as every shower has The Well's signature products – shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and facial cleanser.

After showering, put on your bathrobe and slippers and bring your towels with you into the spa area.

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Rules for hygiene

  • All guests must shower properly in the changing room showers before entering the spa. Please shower without swimwear
  • We have rules about wearing swimwear in our saunas and steam rooms, for hygienic reasons. Read more about The naked truth
  • All guests must shower naked before and after a sauna or steam room to shower off sweat, especially before going in the pools
  • In the saunas with wooden benches, guests must sit or lie on their sauna towel so that there is no contact between their skin/feet and the wooden benches
  • We ask all guests to rinse the tiled benches and chairs in the steam rooms after use, using the water hose provided. It is also a good idea to rinse the benches/chairs before sitting down
  • Please wear your bathrobe and slippers in the lounges, bars and restaurant
  • You are not allowed to bring any towels to the lounges, bars and restaurant. Please hang these up as indicated

Rules for well-being

All guests at The Well must sign to accept the rules for well-being when they check in. These rules are a part of our guest agreement.

  • It is not permitted to use a mobile telephone or camera in our facilities
  • Our saunas and steam rooms are quiet zones
  • Verbal and non-verbal upsetting and indecent behavior is not permitted. Any form of sexual activity is strictly forbidden. Guests who do not respect these rules will be immediately removed from The Well with no form of compensation. If the guest's behavior is severe, the incident will be reported to the police
  • Diving, jumping or dangerous games are not allowed in the pools. Please show respect for the other guests and avoid unnecessary splashing
  • It is not allowed to bring or consume your own food and drink at The Well
  • Personal property shall be kept in the lockers in the changing rooms. The Well accepts no liability for damage to or theft or loss of personal property
  • The Well is a spa where being naked is seen as natural – so we are naked where it is natural to be so. Please always show respect for other guests
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Swimwear on Tuesdays

Every Tuesday it is mandatory to wear swimwear in the spa. For hygiene reasons, we recommend showering naked.

If you do want to wear swimwear, you have to use the special swimwear designed and developed by The Well. You can choose between bikini, swimsuit, shorts and speedos, which may be purchased at the reception at arrival. Take it home to wash afterwards, ready for your next visit.

On all other days of the week, it is up to you whether to use swimwear in the swimming pool and showers – and you can cover up with a pesthemal or towel in the sauna and steam rooms.