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Every Wednesday, you can experience even more activities specially designed for those who are true spa enthusiasts and enjoy the pleasure of exciting intense rituals, the continental spa culture with natural nudity, and the collective camaraderie with others. However, everyone - whether new or experienced guests - is warmly welcome to the Sauna Club!

Join in various sauna rituals where the heat and humidity reach intense levels, causing the sweat to pour. Experience the Russian Banja with moist heat where you are whipped with birch branches, creating a truly invigorating sensation (if you dare). Then, take a delightful shower and finish with a dip in the Cold Pool, where your body and lungs cool down in icy water! What an adventure!

Let the saunamaster guide you through "The Wellness Explorer," a 90-minute unique ritual that takes you through multiple saunas, steam baths, and pools. Enjoy sauna baths that cleanses your body, steam baths that soften your skin, and warm water against your naked skin.

Basseng Korrigert

Sauna Club Wednesday is the day for those who particularly value the continental spa culture with natural nudity.

Bathing naked may feel a bit unfamiliar to many, but once you have experienced it, you are unlikely to put your swimwear back on. Bathing naked is often perceived as very liberating and comfortable by many. We have noticed that more and more of our guests quickly feel natural and comfortable about ditching their swimwear after spending some time at The Well.

Come to The Well on a Wednesday and experience a social community with other guests in our many exciting sauna rituals. Take part in relaxing meditation, invigorating Banja sessions, and let yourself be guided through our 90-minute ritual, "The Well Explorer."

At The Well, you are not required to bathe naked if you don't wish to. In our pools, it is entirely optional whether you want to swim with or without swimwear – both are completely acceptable

The Well Sauna Club is the day for those who want to take their sauna and spa experience to new heights!

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Sauna Club Program

09:30 Early Bird aufguss – Finnish sauna 1. Floor
10:30 Good Morning aufguss – Forest sauna 3. Floor
11:00 The Well Scrub – Crystal Bath 1. Floor
12:00 Menthol aufguss – Banja sauna 1. Floor
13:00 Calm mind ritual – Japanese meditation sauna 3. Floor
13:30 The Well Explorer 90min – Attendance in front of screens 1. Floor
15:00 Hot & Cold aufguss – Banja sauna 1. Floor
15:00 Taste of Rhassoul – Rhassoul 1. Floor* (Limited space)
15:30 Gong ritual – Japanese Meditation sauna 3. Floor
16:00 Winterfruit aufguss – Japanese sauna 3. Floor
17:00 Moroccan ritual – Rhassoul 1. Floor (245,-)*
17:00 Deep Relax aufguss –Forest sauna 3. Floor
17:30 Banja HOT – Banja sauna 1. Floor
18:00 Scent of Forest aufguss  – Forest sauna 3. Floor
18:30 The Well Explorer 90min – Attendance in front of screens 1. Floor
19:30 Intense aufguss – Finnish sauna 1. Floor
20:00 Menthol aufguss – Banja sauna 1. Floor
20:30 Citrus Aufguss – Banja sauna 1. Floor
21:00 Sleep well aufguss– Japanese sauna 3. Floor





Meet at the large screen on the 1st floor.

1. The ritual begins with a session in the Bio Sauna/Japanese Meditation Sauna at 55°C. Let the Sauna Master guide you through breathing exercises (15 minutes).

2. The tropical showers are a delightful place to rinse off the sweat. Choose from different experiential showers

3. Crystal Bath - 45°C. Relax and let your heart rate settle in the Crystal Bath. Enjoy the balancing effects of crystal quartz on your body and experience the scent of eucalyptus. Here, you will be served a delightful body scrub made by our sauna masters (10 minutes).

4. Rinse off the sweat in a shower of your choice.



5. Sauna Ritual in Finnish Sauna/Banja Sauna at 85°C. Increase blood circulation with a proper sweating session in the sauna (15 minutes).

6. Rinse off the sweat in a shower of your choice.

7. Cold Pool at 17°C and Hot Pool at 36°C. In the cold pool, the bath master will guide you through ice bathing and how to cool down after sauna and hot baths according to Dr. Kneip's principles. Hot and cold pools will be combined.

8. Waterfall Cave. Experience different types of water streams and water pressure, just like a waterfall in nature.

9.Wellness Pool at 32°C. The ritual concludes in the wellness pool, where you can adjust your body temperature and enjoy massages from various jet streams.

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The day with even more sauna rituals 

TASTE OF RHASSOUL: Here, you will be provided with salt along with a facial mask. Limited spots available - must be booked at Naturli' Wellness Lounge.*This ritual is only available on Sauna Club Wednesday.

THE WELL SCRUB: A delightful scrub ritual conducted in the Crystal Bath.*No extra cost on Sauna Club Wednesday.


SAUNA CLUB - Every Wednesday 

Join us on an unforgettable journey in our paradise of well-being! Enjoy warm water against naked skin, sauna baths that cleanse your body, steam baths that soften your skin, the joy of a good massage, and a delicious meal at Brasseriet.

We warmly welcome everyone, whether you are a new or experienced guest!

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