Summer at the well

Welcome to The Well Summer Club! Sun, bathing and wellness by the pool - what else could you want? After the sun has set, the summer adventure continues inside both the spa and the hotel.

Welcome to an unforgettable summer experience!
Summer Club

summer staycation 

The hotel package Summer Staycation should be a given this summer. It includes bed and breakfast, entrance to The Well Spa throughout your stay, reserved sun lounger, a lunch dish and a glass of optional drink in the Spa restaurant and a delicious In-Room Scrub.

Price kr 2.990,- per rom. Limited offer.

See the rest of our packages here.

summer sauna

Even with hot summer temperatures, your body and head benefit from a few sweats in the sauna. In fact, sauna visits can both strengthen your heart and give your psyche a positive boost. Read more about the health benefits of sauna here.
This summer we perform sauna rituals that are invigorating and that give you lots of energy. We are also looking forward to presenting a number of new rituals - in the meantime you can read about aufguss and other rituals here.

riviera a la the well

We won't pretend we are the Norwegian riviera, and that is luckily not what we are aiming for. What we do aim for, is giving you a proper summer holiday feeling. You know - the feeling you get when you log of and can just focus on breathing. And having a drink. Like at the riviera.


The taste of summer

We serve local, healthy and fresh summer food stuffed with vitamins and good nutrients. Our chefs work continuously to put together tasty dishes that make you and your body feel good, so that you can enjoy your stay at The Well to the fullest.

With us, you can experience a number of exciting bar and food concepts, leaving it up to you to choose what suits you best. You can click here to find an overview of all our bars and restaurants.
Scrub Cart

scrub cart

Visit our Scrub Cart and pick with you some delicious products that are good for skin and hair. You preserve the summer glow for an extra long time with a coarse-grained salt scrub, and your hair gets shine with some of our homemade tonics.
Read more how to scrub the skin to get a comfortable exfoliation, why it is good for the skin with regular scrubbing and our tips for good salt scrubs