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The everyday life is often hectic with everything it has to offer, and sometimes you need to put everything on hold for a while and find some peace and quiet. That's what's so good about The Well - it's the perfect place to find peace.

Maybe you have a badly need for peace and well-being, but are still a bit unsure about going to the spa because of nudity? As a guest at The Well, you do not have to swim naked if you don’t want to. In our pools, it is completely optional whether you want to swim with or without swimwear - and both choices are perfectly fine!

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When you check in at The Well, everything should go a little slower and you will find your way back to your resting heart rate. You should be able to feel comfortable and relaxed. The Well is built on continental bathing traditions with natural nudity, and many find peace in precisely this way - bathing naked. Others, on the other hand, find peace with their swimwear on, and the most important thing is that you should feel welcome no matter what you choose.

In saunas and steam baths, swimwear is not allowed due to hygiene, but you can always cover yourself with a towel or a peshtemal - a piece of light cotton cloth. When you move around in the spa, you cover yourself with a towel or a bathrobe. In addition to building on the continental bathing traditions, there is also a hygienic reason why you cannot use swimwear in saunas. If you were to take a sauna with your swimwear on, there would have to be significantly more chlorine in the pools, as there will be a lot of sweat and bacteria in the swimwear.

Swimming without swimwear may be unfamiliar to many, but we find that many of our guests quickly get a more relaxed relationship with it as soon as they check in at the spa. Maybe it feels more natural to drop the swimwear after being in the spa for a few hours as well? You see, it's actually not that dangerous. The choice is yours anyway, and we look forward to welcoming you into the tranquility here at The Well.

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