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Ice bathing has a long tradition and is known to have health effects. Not only is cooling down mentally invigorating, it also speeds up blood circulation and can even strengthen your immune system.


The big trend in recent years has been to throw yourself into icy water. Whether it's the sea or a lake - it's hot to take an ice bath!


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4 health benefits of ice bathing

Staying healthy - Regular ice bathing can help you stay healthier and avoid the common cold.

Mental restart - the mind feels clearer because the cold from the water makes the instincts take over.

New energy and mood boosting - the cold shock to which the body is exposed causes endorphins to be released into the blood. This hormone provides energy and helps the mood to get a nice boost.

Self-confidence - you get a feeling of overcoming the challenge of immersing yourself in the cold water, and this can contribute to better self-confidence.

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Combine sauna and ice bathing for new energy and an incredible feeling of freshness and well-being.

The alternation between hot and cold is stimulating for the immune system.

The heat that dilates the blood vessels reduces muscle tension and activates sweating. A shower or a bath in cold water causes the nervous systems to reverse the process, the blood vessels constrict and the pulse normalizes. This experience will give you increased mental presence, calm and not least lots of new energy.lse, ro og ikke minst masse ny energi.

There is no rule for in what order, for how long or how often to use different sauna rooms. A good piece of advice is to listen to your own body and start with a calm warm-up. The slightest discomfort tells you that it is enough.



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At The Well you have the opportunity for an ice-cold dip - both outdoors and indoors.

The outdoor pool is kept open during the winter season and the water measures approx. 12 °celsius.

You can also take an ice cold bath in the Cold plunge pool on the ground floor inside The Well. The water in this pool has approx. 16 °celsius and you easily sink into the water by going down tiled stairs. Here you can also alternate between swimming in our Warm Pool and Cold plunge pooland experience how your body reacts to these temperature differences.