Health & wellness

The use of a spa comes with a number of health-related benefits. The word spa is Latin and means health through water, showing how important water is for both our health and for life.

Kvinne i Onsen

An essential source

Water is the source of all life and the most prevalent chemical compound on earth. This element can take the solid form of ice, a liquid or gas. Without water, there would be no life.

It is therefore completely natural for water to play a central role in practically all cultures and religions, worldwide. Throughout the ages, water has been a symbol of purification, both spiritual and for our bodies.

At The Well, you are in close contact with water in all forms of the element. Experience the effect of melting ice with an aufguss, float in warm pools, plunge into a cold pool and feel the effect of steam on the body. At The Well, you can experience health through water.

Heat exposure

Regular use of a sauna can provide a number of positive health benefits. In Finland, they refer to the sauna as a fountain of rejuvenation.

Regular exposure to high heat helps increase the capacity of the blood vessels in your body to rapidly react to changes in body temperature. This keeps the blood vessels and arteries supple.

Regular visits to a sauna can help alleviate pain in joints and muscles, provide relaxation, counteract stress and improve the quality of sleep. The Finnish claim of a fountain of rejuvenation is therefore very much true.

At The Well, we have a wide selection of saunas so that you can find the perfect fountain of rejuvenation for you.

Japansk sauna

The sauna cycle

To achieve the optimal effect of a sauna, you need to go through cycles of high and low temperatures. Start your sauna cycle by sitting in the sauna until you feel that you have had enough heat. Leave the sauna and wait until your body has acclimatised to the air outside, and preferably have a temperate shower. Then lower the temperature of the shower or take a dip in a cold pool to rapidly cool down your body.

This method of switching between hot and cold stimulates both the autonomous and somatic nervous systems. The heat in the sauna helps the blood vessels expand, reduces muscular tension and activates the sweat glands. The cold water reverses this process, making the blood vessels contract and bringing your pulse back to normal.

Repeat this cycle as many times as you like, but remember to listen to the signals from your body. If you feel even the slightest discomfort, then stop the treatment.


The use of steam and steam rooms is based on traditions dating back to the Roman era, where the steam rooms were filled with steam from natural hot springs. The Well has four steam rooms, all with different properties.

Exposure to steam can have a very positive effect on cardiovascular health, as humid heat can help increase our blood circulation. As the circulation of blood around our body increases, our blood pressure drops, in time resulting in a healthier heart.

Steam also has a positive effect on our skin, as it opens up the pores. This allows us to cleanse our skin of the dirt and pollution that build up in everyday life. Steam also hydrates the body, and you will most probably feel that your skin is silky smooth after a session in the steam room. 

Kvinne i Onsen

The importance of wellness

Wellness is a word encompassing several dimensions of our lives. It comprises an active process of making decisions that are good for us.

For many, time for yourself is an important part of wellness. The Well is the perfect place to visit, where you can focus on yourself and doing what makes you feel good.

The combination of health-related benefits in a spa and the peace and quiet and relaxing atmosphere at The Well is a true experience of genuine wellness and happiness. Look after yourself, and choose wellness at The Well.