Do I have to swim naked? 

The answer is no.

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Par i Wellness Pool

At The Well, we set the absolute highest standards for cleanliness and hygiene. Therefore, it is not permitted to wear swimwear in our saunas and steam baths, - except on Tuesdays when it is optional. Read more about The naked truth.

In all pools it is optional to wear swimwear every day.

If you wish to wear swimwear, it is only permitted to use The Well's own swimwear for reasons of hygiene and water spillage. See swimwear further down.


The Well has separate changing rooms for men and women, where you have to shower naked and wash thoroughly before entering the spa. In the shower room, you can put on swimwear or wrap a peshtemal – a piece of light cotton fabric – around yourself. Then put on a bathrobe and proceed into the spa.

If you need to remove the swimwear in order to enter a sauna or steam room, you may cover up with a towel or peshtemal first.

After a sauna or steam bath, shower naked to remove the sweat in the separate men’s and women’s showers, then put your swimwear back on.

All guests must cover up with a towel or bathrobe when walking around the spa. Bathrobes must be worn in the bar and restaurant.

Mennesker i sauna med badetøy

Swimwear on Tuesdays

Every Tuesday it is mandatory to wear swimwear in the spa.

For hygiene reasons, we of course recommend showering naked.

If you do want to wear swimwear, you have to use the special swimwear designed and developed by The Well. You can choose between bikini, swimsuit, shorts and speedos, all of which may be purchased at reception on arrival. Take it home to wash afterwards, ready for your next visit.


Swimwear from The Well

If you do want to wear swimwear, you have to use the special swimwear designed and developed by The Well. This is special swimwear made to dry quickly, helping us keep our spa facilities clean and dry. You can buy our swimwear at reception and, of course, use this every time you visit The Well.

Bikini Briefs NOK 75,-
Bikini Top NOK 75,-
Bikini Wire Top NOK 229,-
Bikini Wire Trouser NOK 129,-
Swimming Trunks NOK 195,-
Swimsuit Cup NOK 399,-
Spa Brief NOK 145,-
Swimsuit NOK 175,-