Social Responsibility

The Well is concerned with taking social responsibility. We are aware of our role and in our daily operations we focus on sustainability goals related to the environment, health and equality. This means a lot to us and our employees - and we know it means a lot to our guests.



Water is part of our identity, and the facilities at The Well require large amounts of water, which in itself is not sustainable. We are concerned with preserving nature, and one of our most important goals is to therefore reduce our own environmental footprint as much as possible. 

All pools are required to circulate a given amount of water for health and safety reasons - where it is normal for this to drain into drains. At The Well, we have an advanced purification and reuse system that means that all circulated water has a utility benefit, in addition to 70% of this water returning to the pools again, after purification. Up to 50,000 liters of water are saved every day.

Water from the shower goes to the drain and is not reused - this is for strict hygienic reasons. The Well recovers the heat from this water, which provides a reduction of up to 100 kw per hour.

In the first years we experienced that many guests forgot to turn off the showers, and as a result we installed automated showers that save us water.

We also strive for sustainability in food and other products, as follows:

Local food in season and local production of own products
Prioritizes organic food
Continuous focus on reducing plastic in all parts of operations
In addition, we now offers 100% plant-based food in our Naturli ’Wellness Lounge - which is both healthy and environmentally friendly.


The Well is there to give people a better life, and through the elements of nature we create health-promoting experiences. The combination of water, cold and heat contributes to increased blood circulation which in turn can contribute to increased immune system. Regular visits to us can therefore have a positive effect on your physical health. For many, The Well is also a sanctuary, where you have time to lower your shoulders and find peace - and we therefore hope a visit to us can lower the stress level of our guests, and help them find balance in a busy everyday life.

The Well should be a source of health-promoting well-being. Therefore, we always take health as our starting point when we develop new concepts, so that they can contribute to improving the guests' physical and mental health.


Equality and tolerance

Equality and tolerance is our third sustainability goal. At The Well, you are free to just be - the way you were created. That is why all kinds of people are welcome with us.

The Well is committed to diversity, and we are very proud to be a multicultural, multilingual and rainbow-colored organization.

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