The naked truth

It is not mandatory to bathe without swimwear at The Well. In all our pools it is optional and both is fully okay! It is your choice and the most important thing is that you are comfortable.

The Well is based on continental spa traditions, where it is natural to be naked. A lot of our guests find relaxation and peace because of that. 

When you walk around in the spa all guests have to cover up with a towel or a bath robe. In Brasseriet you must wear a bath robe. 


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Tropisk sauna

Why naked in the sauna?

For health and hygiene reasons, you are not allowed to wear swimwear in the saunas and steam rooms. It is important that all the skin on your body is exposed to the heat radiation, and that sweat can evaporate without being blocked and absorbed by swimwear that you then take with you into the pools.

Swimwear prevents the sweat from evaporating. Heat becomes “trapped” in the overheated skin, with the excreted substances imprisoned beneath your swimwear. This can cause irritated skin and eczema as the warm, enclosed environment inside the swimwear is a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi.

Swimwear every Tuesday

Every Tuesday from 18.10 it will be mandatory to wear swimwear in the spa.

If you have worn swimwear in a sauna or steam room, you should take it off and shower naked before using any of the pools. There are separate showers for men and women throughout the spa. Rinse your swimwear thoroughly to make sure you don't take sweat with you into the pools.


Swimwear at The Well

For hygiene reasons and to prevent pools of water, guests are only allowed to wear The Well’s specially designed swimwear. If you want to use our swimwear, you can buy it in the spa reception. Take it home to wash afterwards, ready for your next visit.

Bikini Briefs kr.149,-
Bikini Top kr.149,-
Bikini Wire Top kr.249,-
Bikini Wire Trouser kr.199,-
Swimming Trunks kr.249,-
Swimsuit Cup kr.399 *Outgoing model, size selection may vary
Spa Brief kr.199,-
Swimsuit kr.199,-